Mark Clement

Coaching infused with wisdom and spiritual intelligence that can radically impact you, your faith, your family and your future.

Mark Clement


My purpose is to coach people using wisdom, experience and spiritual intelligence to radically impact themselves, their faith, their families, and their future.

I am the founder and president of several companies including Big Picture Media Group™, Dream Launcher™, and Dirtfish Films™. 


Our creative content has received more than 90 million views online and we have worked with hundreds of clients -including individuals, organizations, ministries, artists, and non-profits around the world.


But my biggest wins are at home. I have a beautiful wife and family, a great church and friends, and am enjoying the best health of my life, just to name a few.

What I Do

  • Your Purpose

    God has a unique purpose for every one of us and figuring that out is a huge step toward living your best life. There’s nothing more exciting than a person with a purpose.

  • Your Family

    If family is so important, then why do we give it so little effort? We all recognize the challenge, but rarely have the solutions to change it. Let us find a better way — together.

  • Your Dreams

    Many of us have found the weight of adulthood to be a dream killer. But God made us to dream and dream big! I want to help you rediscover and realize your dreams.

Welcome To The Tribe!


“Mark is world class when it comes to genuine guidance through life. His ability to quickly resonate with your needs and help you do what needs to get done is unmatched. No matter how big your dream is, he will help you turn it into reality.”

Josh Rhodes

CEO - Agent Leads University

“Mark is one of the best strategic minds I have ever worked with. His counsel has helped me more than once! His unique ability to break down a challenge AND develop a clear solution is amazing. If you’re looking for a breakthrough, this is it!”

Shawn Lovejoy

CEO - Courage To Lead

“Mark is a seasoned advisor who has a heart for people. I have seen firsthand the fruits of his work – he delights in encouraging and coaching people, churches, and organizations to meaningful change.  People LOVE the experience of working with him.”

Jim Sheppard

CEO - Generis


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